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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
The black undershirt change is a good one. Wish they had taken it a step further and gotten rid of ALL undershirt color restrictions.
Disagree. I've officiated preseason jamboree-type scrimmages with multiple teams wearing reversible jerseys that reverse them from game to game. But players usually only bring one color undershirt to these scrimmages, so our local guys never enforce undershirt rules in scrimmages (after all, they're only scrimmages) but do remind coaches of these rules for when the season officially begins.

While officiating such scrimmages, with multiple color undershirts on both teams, I always notice how ever so slightly harder it is to identity players, especially in bang bang plays where the ball suddenly deflects out of bounds from a scrum of players, or when a swarm of players are elbowing each other for a rebound.

Regarding the change allowing visitor black, while I always prefer "Fashion Police" issues to change from complex to simpler, I don't mind this change because most of our local officials already allowed black for purple and for dark blue.

Ever try to go down to your local Walmart and buy a purple T-shirt?
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