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So now NCAA-M is the only level that, inexplicably, still is not using quarters and retaining the 1-and-1.

Standardized throw-in spots are whatever. Coaches want to be able to draw plays from the consistent spots. Not a big deal.

The 7-6-6 change is just common sense and brings the written rule in line with how it was already handled. NCAA-M did the same thing last year.

The black undershirt change is a good one. Wish they had taken it a step further and gotten rid of ALL undershirt color restrictions.

The 9-3-3 change just brings the rule in line with NCAA. No one ever enforced the "leaving the court for an unauthorized reason" verbiage.

Overall, a good year of changes for FED. Granted, I'm sure they will create confusion when they actually put the changes into the rule book, as they seem to do every year.
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