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One Combined Rule ...

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
It (leaving the court for an unauthorized reason) became a violation instead of a technical foul about 14 years ago.
Previous to that both leaving the court for an unauthorized reason and delay returning after legally being out of bounds were combined in one rule as a technical foul.

2005-06 NFHS Basketball Rules Changes - 9-3-2 New Changed the penalty for leaving the court for an unauthorized reason to a violation from a technical foul.

COMMENTS ON THE 2005-06 RULES REVISIONS - LEAVING COURT FOR UNAUTHORIZED REASON CHANGED TO VIOLATION (9-3-2): The rule for leaving the court for an unauthorized reason has been changed from a technical foul to a violation. Leaving the court during the course of play has been increasing with the former penalty of a technical foul not being assessed. Typically, this play is seen when an offensive player goes around a low screen, runs outside the end line and returns on the other side of the court free of their defender. The violation will be called as soon as the player leaves the court. The committee hopes that changing the penalty will increase the likelihood of the infraction being called and eliminate this tremendous advantage.
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