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Technical Fouls ...

Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
Team A secures a rebound in the first half. Player A-1 who was on the floor trotts along the sideline out of bounds in front of the table and opposing bench before returning to the floor under the basket A is shooting at. NFHS rules.... is this a technical foul or just a violation.
This play above is a violation.

Do not confuse the play above with these technical fouls below.

10-4-1: Player Technical: A player must not: Purposely and/or deceitfully delay returning after legally being out of bounds.

10.4.2 SITUATION A: A1 has the ball out of bounds for a throw-in. A1 completes the throw-in to A2 and then purposefully delays his/her return by taking four or five steps along the end line prior to coming inbounds behind a screen set by A3 and A4. A1 gets a return pass from A2 and takes an unchallenged try for goal. RULING: A1 is charged with a technical foul for purposefully delaying his/her return to the court following the throw-in. A1ís movement out of bounds along the end line was to take advantage of the screen and return to the court in a more advantageous position.

10-4-6-I : Player Technical: A player must not: Leave the playing court for an unauthorized reason to demonstrate resentment, disgust or intimidation.

10.4.6 SITUATION C: With 4 minutes remaining in the second quarter, B1 commits his/her third foul against airborne shooter A1; the try is unsuccessful. Team Bís coach sends B6 to the scorerís table to replace B1 after A1ís first free-throw. B1ís replacement may not enter the game until after A1ís first free throw. B1, disgusted with the officialís ruling and realizing he/she will soon leave the game, goes and sits on the end of Team Bís bench just after the official reports the foul. RULING: B1 is assessed an unsporting technical foul for leaving the court for an unauthorized reason to demonstrate disgust. A1 will attempt the two shooting-foul free throws followed by any Team A member attempting the two free throws for the technical foul. (10-3-6i; 3-3-2)
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