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Originally Posted by The_Rookie View Post
The fans storm the court and what was assumed the end of the game because the game clock showed zeros. The referee had called a foul with 1.2 seconds left but clock did not stop. The officials assessed a technical foul on the home team for the storming by fans.

Was this handled properly based on NFHS rules?
Technically, yes. Rules 2-8-1 and 10-2-1b (that one's a stretch) can be used here. There are plenty of examples in HS and NCAA play of this occurring and being adjudicated in this way. Storming the court is a dangerous practice and injuries of fans, players, and officials are common when it happens, so I don't blame officials for their concern.

Would every official handle it this way? Likely not. The case book specifically warns to use extreme caution when assessing technical fouls for spectators' behavior. But the aforementioned views on court storming will lead to some officials calling technical fouls.

Many times it's a "you had to be there". It's a question of what factors contributed to the timing error, how big the "storm" was, did they delay return to the stands if asked, were they ignoring requests to return to the stands, etc.
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