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Originally Posted by bas2456 View Post
I will say to anyone from the Federation who will listen...

Give us a flop warning. Don't think we need to go straight to a technical foul, since NFHS doesn't have Class A/B like college does, but it was as bad as I've ever seen this season.

And yes, I know it's in the rulebook that we can penalize "faking being fouled". This is just me talking, but I have never called it, nor have I had a partner call it. That said, as above, it was particularly bad this year and I probably should have called it at least once.
Just so we are aware, the NCAA does not have a flop warning anymore. They have a flop T. I am good with both, but we need more defined actions that should be adjudicated more than what we have know. People act like the NCAA just put in some wording about flopping and left it that. They clearly gave examples and procedures on how to follow that rule. The NF is just lazy when it comes to specifics when it is trends in the game. This is a trend that should be addressed somehow.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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