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2023-24 NFHS Basketball Rules Questionnaire

2023-24 NFHS Basketball Rules Questionnaire

Part I – Are these changes made last year satisfactory?

1. Allowing hair-control devices and adornments provided they are securely fastened close to the head and do not increase risk to the athlete, teammates and opponents.

Part II – Observations – Have you seen in your area?

1. Players wearing tights with different leg lengths.

2. Excessive delays by one player due to eyeglasses falling to the floor and requiring the referee to stop play.

3. An increase in unsporting or confrontational behavior by fans toward officials.

4. An increase in unsporting or confrontational behavior by coaches toward officials.

5. An increase in unsporting or confrontational behavior by players toward officials.

6. A positive transition to the 35-second shot clock.

Part III – About rules for 2023-24 – Would you favor?

1. Awarding two free throws after the fifth team foul and resetting the team foul count at the end of each quarter.

2. Awarding a bonus free throw for the fifth, sixth and seventh team foul each quarter if the first free throw is successful and two free throws beginning with the eighth team foul of each quarter. Resetting the team foul count at the end of each quarter.

3. Eliminating the penalty for dunking during pre-game and halftime warm-ups.

4. Assessing a penalty to coaches for illegal player equipment.

5. Eliminating the jump ball that begins the game and each extra period and begin play with a coin flip to determine team possession.

6. Eliminating the jump ball that begins each extra period and determining possession to start play with the alternating-possession arrow.

7. Increasing from five to six fouls (personal or technical) before disqualification.

8. Adding an exception to allow a replaced player to re-enter the game at the next opportunity to substitute when the opposing team has committed a foul or a violation before the game clock has properly started.

9. Establishing goaltending when the ball contacts the backboard and any part of the ball is above the rim during a field-goal attempt when the ball is touched by a player as long as it has a possibility of entering the basket.

10. Allowing all shirts worn by teammates under the away jersey to be black or a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey while still requiring all teammates to match.

11. Limiting the head coach to only request a time-out during a dead-ball situation.

12. Removing coaching box privileges from the head coach only when the head coach receives a direct technical foul and allowing the head coach the use of the coaching box after an indirect technical foul.

13. Establishing four designated throw-in spots (one along each sideline at the 28-foot mark and one 3 feet outside of each lane line along the end line) when there is team control in the offense’s frontcourt and the defense commits a violation or a single personal foul in the offense’s frontcourt.
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