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Ancient Times ...

The following questions appeared on today's IAABO Inside The Lines Rules Quiz:

The ball is awarded to the opponents for a throw-in along the sideline at the free throw line extended after a basket interference violation on the offensive team. True or False?

If the free throwing team commits a violation when the free throw will remain in play, the throw-in will always be taken out of bounds along the sideline at the free throw line extended. True or False?

Of course these are both now false, but there was a time when both were true, the purpose being to emphasize to the scorer that the basket, if the ball went in, did not count.

This was a very, very long time ago and absolutely nobody, not even Mark T. DeNucci, Sr., would even consider answering true today.

For quiz questions with an educational purpose, what a waste of a two questions.

And, of course, some would argue, what a waste of a thread.

I just found both questions odd in a twenty-first century quiz.

To not confuse the young'uns; Mark T. DeNucci, Sr., myself, and a small few other Forum members, stopped doing this over forty years ago.

If Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.'s new "Six Million Dollar" hip allows him, he may even climb up to his cold attic library to tell exactly when the rule (it was a rule, not just a mechanic) changed.
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