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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
What the NFHS has never made clear is if FTs due to an unequal number of players on the court fighting can be considered simultaneous with team members departing the bench. It would be helpful to have a couple of case plays to make this point clear.
Perhaps they left us a clue, as illustrated in the following two case plays. In the former, both fouls were the same kind, that is, administrative technical fouls, and are considered a double TF.

In the latter case book play, it was two different kinds of technical fouls; one under the head coach's rule, 10-6, and the other an administrative technical foul under 10-1. Each team would be awarded FTs based on the order of occurrence and not be considered as a double TF.

It then stands to reason that players on the court participating in a fight would be treated separately from bench personnel entering the court.


Starter, A1, has brought the wrong uniform and with eight minutes on the clock prior to the start of the game, switches with A15 and now is wearing a legal jersey but a new number. With two minutes on the clock prior to the start of the game, it is discovered that starter, B1, is wearing a different jersey than indicated in the scorebook. It is confirmed that a wrong number was provided to the official scorer and a change is made to reflect the correct number in the scorebook.

Both Team A and B are charged with an administrative technical foul for changing a number in the scorebook and will begin the game with one team foul toward the bonus. No free throws are awarded and the game will begin at the point of interruption, which is the opening jump ball.

When each team is assessed one technical foul prior to the game, a double technical foul has occurred, as this is considered "approximately the same time." (4-19-8b, 4-36-2c, 10-1-2) (See 6.4.1 SITUATION A)


Twelve minutes before the game is scheduled to start, team member A1 dunks the ball and is charged with a technical foul. B1 is discovered to be wearing an illegal jersey, as the players prepare for the start of the game.

The game will be started by awarding Team B two free throws for A1's technical foul. Team A will then be given two free throws and the ball for a division-line throw-in for B1's infraction. When the thrower of Team A has the ball for the throw-in, Team A has control for purposes of establishing the alternating possession procedure and the arrow is immediately set toward B's basket. Team B will have the first opportunity for an alternating-possession throw-in. (4-3)
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