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You've Come A Long Way Baby ...

Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
It's one thing to have female officials. It's another thing altogether to have female officials working men's contests, because like it or not, that's where the vast majority of viewership (and hence visibility) is. That's the golden ticket to recruiting good new officials (which we desperately need nationwide) from a whole half of the population that the avocation tends to overlook.
My daughter played many years of interscholastic basketball in middle school (and travel basketball) and high school as well as several years of top level AAU up and down the East Coast from Maine to Virginia, as well as an international tournament in Spain, ending her "career" before college in the early 2000's (probably a total of about 250 games with "board certified" officials).

I don't believe that she ever had more than a handful (meaning low single digits) of female officials in all of her games.

When I started officiating back in the early 1980's, my local board, that officiated both boys and girls interscholastic games, was 100% male. I'm guessing that now about 10% of our local members are female, and we've had a female president, and a female interpreter.

Nice to see times changing.
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