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HS Flopping

In the third place game of the Maui Invite last night, I saw a Class B Tech issued against SDSU for a flop. It was a great call; 3pt shooter fell back to try to get a phantom foul call and the T was right there on top of it.

I know this is a POE right now at the collegiate level as they try to get flopping out of the game. It appears this POE trickled down from the NBA level. My question is, has anyone's state or supervisor emphasized this at the HS level yet? The rules book has always held that faking being fouled can be penalized with a T. But we have always been far more content to just no-call flops.

Honestly I'd love to start issuing Ts for flopping if I thought my supervisor would support it. I'm wondering if maybe next spring is the time that the NFHS rules committee will finally make this a HS POE. It feels like the national top cover would really help supervisors who are otherwise reluctant to rock the boat at the local level.
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