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Weather Conditions and Suspending a contest

At what point do the weather conditions become such a problem that officials should suspend a contest (speaking football specifically). I understand the thunder and lightening is an automatic, but what about snow. When the field gets so covered in snow the officials are no longer able to determine if a player is in bounds or out of bounds, does that warrant a suspension of the contest?

The reason I'm asking is there was a bit of controversy in Michigan Saturday. In one of the state semi-final games, played in a Winter Storm Warning, the field become so snow covered the officials were having difficulty seeing the sidelines and endlines. On the last play a regulation, a team scored the game tying TD (and won in 2OT). The issue was one official apparently ruled the WR went out of play on his own, returned and was the first to touch the pass. This would have negated the TD. Another official supposedly came over and either overruled him or gave additional information that made the call change to a legal catch, TD and then 2 OT periods. This issue was supposedly if the officials could see the line the receiver supposedly went across on the play.
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