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Delay ???

Another possibility?

From December, 2018:

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
After a near end of game successful try, thinking the game is over and has been won, bench personnel prematurely leave the bench and run onto playing court to celebrate. However, seconds remain on clock. Opponent is prevented from completing throw-in and moving ball up playing court.
Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
I'm going with 10-2-1b because 10-2-1b deals with delaying/preventing the ball from being live, which the celebration is doing.
10-2-1-B: Team Technical: Allow the game to develop into an actionless contest, this includes the following and similar acts: Delay the game by preventing the ball from being made promptly live or from being put in play. Penalty: Two free throws plus the ball for a division-line throw-in. Penalized when they occur.
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