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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I noticed something interesting on Greg Austin's Better Official live You Tube broadcast this morning that made me say "hmmm".

61) With Team B leading 51 to 50, Team A scores with eight seconds left in the game. A-6 and A-7 rush onto the court to congratulate the shooter. This occurs while B-1 is trying to complete a throw-in to B-2. The official rules one technical foul against Team A, awards Team B two free throws and the ball for a division-line throw-in. Is this correct?

10-5-2: Bench Technical: The head coach is responsible for his/her own conduct and behavior, as well as substitutes, disqualified team members and all other bench personnel. Bench personnel, including the head coach, must not: Enter the court unless by permission of an official to attend an injured player. Penalty: The officials must warn the head coach unless the offense is judge to be major, in which case a technical foul must be ruled. Two free throws plus the ball for a division-line throwin. If the head coach is the offender, the foul is charged directly to him/her. The foul is charged to the offender (if not the head coach) and also charged indirectly to the head coach.

Is this bench technical charged to the "bench", or to the "offender(s)" on the bench?

If charged to the "offender(s)", will technical fouls be charged to both A-6 and A-7 (as well as two indirect technical fouls charged to the head coach), resulting in four free throws?

Or is this one of those situations where the NFHS doesn't want a "parade of free throw shooters" and limits the number of technical fouls charged and the number of free throws (i.e., roster, starters, player numbers, identical numbers, illegal uniforms), and if so, can anybody supply a citation for such limits?
In the Case Book in regards to rule 10-5 for a different infraction you should be able to find your answer.
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