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Extrapolated To High School Game ...

Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
NCAAW ... A.R. 339. Team B leads, 67-66. A1’s two-point try for goal is successful, but there is no indication that time has expired. Assuming that the successful try is a game-ending and winning goal: Bench personnel from Team A go onto the playing court to celebrate; RULING: When the celebration causes a delay by preventing the ball from being promptly made live or prevents continuous play: One bench technical foul shall be assessed to the offending team and counts toward the team-foul total. This technical foul is also charged indirectly to the head coach and counts toward the coach’s ejection. Any Team B member shall attempt two free throws and play shall resume with a throw-in by Team B at a designated spot at the division line opposite the scorers' table. When the celebration does not delay or interfere with play, the celebration shall be ignored.
If this can be extrapolated to a NFHS high school game, it sounds more like a 10-5-2 Bench Technical (bench personnel must not enter the court unless by permission of an official, penalty includes an indirect technical foul to the head coach) than a 10-2-2 Team Technical (more than five participating, penalty does not include an indirect technical foul to the head coach).

I don't yet have the IAABO Refresher Exam answer sheet, but the reference citation sheet given to study group members by IAABO points to 10-2-2 Team Technical.

IAABO Refresher Exams are always based on NFHS rules and interpretations. I wonder if this is an IAABO error? It happens almost every year.

bob jenkins (and other Forum members): How would you rule in a NFHS (not IAABO) high school game? 10-5-2 Bench Technical or 10-2-2 Team Technical?

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
61) With Team B leading 51 to 50, Team A scores with eight seconds left in the game. A-6 and A-7 rush onto the court to congratulate the shooter. This occurs while B-1 is trying to complete a throw-in to B-2. The official rules one technical foul against Team A, awards Team B two free throws and the ball for a division-line throw-in. Is this correct?
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