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Poorly Worded ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
... When a shot clock is not being used, the 10-second official’s count begins when A20 gains control.
Poorly worded.

Not used at all, or not used in that part of the game?

This could refer to the last 34 seconds of a "shot clock game" period after a timeout.

It probably should read: In games with a shot clock, when a shot clock is turned off because there is less time in the period than there is time on the game clock, the 10-second official’s count begins when ...

... not sure exactly how the NFHS wants to end this sentence?

Why change the start of the ten second count that's been used for 95% of that game (touch) just because the officials switched from watching the shot clock to visible counting near the end of some periods?

The NFHS should take the bull by the horns and say to start the ten second count at the "touch" in all games (I believe the NCAA rule), at all times (including end of periods when there is less time in the period than there is time on the game clock), in all states, shot clock, or no shot clock, at all levels (middle school, freshman, junior varsity, varsity).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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