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2022-23 NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations

SITUATION 1: An official notices that No. 23 on Team A is wearing earbuds during pregame warm-ups. The official notifies the head coach of Team A that wearing equipment which, in the referee’s judgment, is dangerous or confusing to other players or is not appropriate is not allowed. The official then directs the coach to notify No. 23 that the earbuds need to be removed. No penalties are assessed. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Officials’ jurisdiction, prior to the game, begins when they arrive on the floor. Officials should use pregame warm-ups and the pregame meeting to identify and address
illegal uniforms and equipment. Items that have the potential to increase risk, such as headphones and earbuds, should be corrected when addressed by the official. Illegal items that do not increase risk, such as player equipment that violates the manufacturer’s logo
or color rules, must be corrected before the player(s) can enter the game. (2-2-2,
2-4-5, 3-5-1)

SITUATION 2: Team A members are wearing white jerseys which have (a) a large paw print on the front of the jersey above the number in place of lettering to identify the school; or (b) a paw print as the “o” in the identifying team name “SOUTH” on the front above the number. RULING: (a) Illegal – technical foul charged directly to the head
coach; (b) legal. COMMENT: Decorative accents are allowed as part of the identifying name or abbreviation above the number. Images of school mascots or references without lettering identifying the school are not compliant. Only one technical foul is charged regardless of the number of offenders. (3-4-4a, 3-4-4f, 10-6-4 PENALTY)

SITUATION 3: No. 32 on Team A has hard beads secured at the end of long braids. The braids are secured close to the head in a tightly wrapped bun. During play, No. 32’s hair bun becomes dislodged and (a) the braids become unsecured from the head; (b) the beads
become dislodged and fall on the court. RULING: In both (a) and (b), no penalty is assessed. COMMENT: In (a) and (b), the official shall stop play and require No. 32 to secure the hair adornments close to the head. If this cannot be done immediately, No. 32 will be asked to exit, and a substitute shall enter. In (b), the official shall ensure the
playing area is free from loose beads before resuming play. (3-5-4d)

SITUATION 4: Teams A and B are using a 35-second shot clock. No. 5 on Team A inbounds the ball in the backcourt after a made try by Team B. A20 tips the inbound pass knocking it away but then chases it down and gains control. The official uses the 35-second shot clock to administer the 10-second count which started on the touch by A20.
RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: When utilizing the 35-second shot clock to administer the 10-second backcourt count, the 10-second count shall begin when the ball touches or is legally touched by a player on the court. When a shot clock is not being used, the 10-second official’s count begins when A20 gains control. (SHOT CLOCK –
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