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Originally Posted by Mike.Connors View Post
I believe you are correct. Remember the passage in Basketball Rules Fundamentals that says "16. The official's whistle seldom causes the ball to become dead (it is already dead)."? The foul of B2 landing on A2 causes the ball to become dead by rule 6-7-7. The subsequent foul by A2 with the elbow is thus an intentional technical foul and the foul by B2 shoving A2 is also an intentional technical foul.
If that were true, it would pretty much be impossible to have a double foul at most points of the game as one almost always happens before the other, even if just slightly.

The rules makers cover this by defining double fouls as "approximately" the same time where the expected result is that the 2nd is considered to still be in a live ball if it happens so close in time.
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