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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
Case in point,#1 Gonzaga vs. Arkansas NCAA Men's S16, 2nd half, approximately 1:32 mark, Red fouls White after the dribble ended and White had engaged in the customary arm/foot motions associated with a "try for goal". Therefore, in my NF games: "score the basket we're shooting one" as per continuous motion principles.

Case in point #2: same contest, same half, 22 second mark, White displays an "offensive hold" against Red when executing his baseline spin move. This is a garden variety PC in my NF games.

Nevertheless, I do now understand why these cases are adjudicated differently at the NCAA level.
Case #1: The Gonzaga player was not pivoting nor had he begun his habitual throwing motion. The foul is definitely prior to the start of a try. However, the circumstances and manner of this foul would warrant an intentional foul at the nfhs level as the foul is clearly done to prevent an easy score.

Case #2: The Lead cannot see this hook (by Timme) and either of the outside officials should have picked it up. There was a similar play about a minute or so prior when Arkansas had the ball which also went uncalled. Additionally, I will point out that Timme was called for a PC due to a much less egregious hook during the first half. It was his first foul of the game.
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