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Connecticut Fees ...

Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
... not even the hint of a suggestion that 7% inflation and rising consumer costs for things like gas and equipment without commensurate increases in officiating pay is having an impact on retention.
Connecticut (CIAC) handles that by automatically increasing officials fees annually based on the average percentage pay increase for teachers across the entire state. Teacher unions (Some NEA, some NFT) in individual towns and cities hammer it out through negotiation, mediation, and binding arbitration (teacher strikes are illegal in Connecticut) and officials get the benefit of such.

We've been doing this for decades. No more annual negotiations in smoke filled back rooms.

Connecticut Basketball Game Fees for 2021-2022 Season: Varsity Fee: $101.69; Sub Varsity Fee: $65.99 (Junior Varsity, Freshmen, Middle Schools).
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