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I believe the "no 10 seconds in the backcourt for girls with shot clock" thing stems from an old NCAAW rule that was eliminated a few years ago. Some of the few states that have had a shot clock for years (RI comes to mind) kept this rule at the high school level. But it only made a shred of sense when you considered that the girls shot clock interval (30s) was less than the boys (35s). To bring this rule back into play when the shot clock intervals are the same for both genders makes absolutely no sense.

One thing RI still does for girls that I would like to see be made universal at the NFHS level if shot clocks are instituted is to eliminate the five second count when dribbling.

As for halves vs. quarters, I prefer halves, as long as the timeout limit isn't increased. I even wouldn't mind making the halves 18 minutes like WI (and MN?) do. I worked in WI a few years back and the games didn't feel any longer. Of course the pay didn't go up for the extra four minutes, but that's a whole different issue.

Speaking of pay, did anyone see the latest NFHS article about the state of HS officiating? All kinds of the same tired talk about attrition and the need to recruit and the effect of poor sportsmanship and the need for a cohesive national strategy, but not even the hint of a suggestion that 7% inflation and rising consumer costs for things like gas and equipment without commensurate increases in officiating pay is having an impact on retention. Nope, not happening. Nothing to see here. Just move along because that's something that upsets our member associations, so let's just not address it. Money is the easiest way to attract and retain talent (people spend $800 to go to D1 tryout camps for a reason), but....nah, let's not go there.
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