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Bring back the punch!

Questionnaire felt odd this year....

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
2022 NFHS Basketball Rules Questionnaire

3. Approving the use of one signal for player-control and team-control fouls.

NO! #bringbackthepunch #longlivethepunch #punch2022 #punchesforharambe

Part II Observations Have you observed any of the following this year?

1. An increase in unsporting or confrontational behavior by fans toward officials.


Part III About the rules for 2022-23 Would you favor?.

3. Resetting team fouls at the end of each quarter and eliminating the one-and-one bonus.

Actually very much in favor of this one.

7. Eliminating the 10-second backcourt violation for girls basketball in states that utilize the shot clock.

I had to read this twice to make sure. This is strange.

2. Requiring the torso color of home team jerseys to be a dark school color and away team jerseys to be white.

10. Allowing players to wear beads and/or similar hair adornments that are securely fastened provided they do not present a safety hazard to the player, teammates or opponents.

I'd love to be at this table for this meeting. Seems like they've run out of things to talk about and the weird cross-eyed guy in the corner just starts shouting out wacky ideas. "Guys! What if we switched the jersey colors for home and away and let everyone wear beads in their hair?! That will surely fix the current state of the game and produce more scoring!"

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