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Originally Posted by so cal lurker View Post
I'm curious what the refs here thought of the two illegal screen calls on Draymond Green last night. Warriors fans all over the place are moaning about them being evidence of a conspiracy (along with the charge called against Wiggins).

I'm admittedly a bit biased, but all three of those calls looked right to me. (The first screen and the charge seemed like easy calls to me, with the second illegal screen closer but still a foul.)
*I'm a high-school level ref, thus I am at a total loss as to what constitutes an "illegal screen" when it comes to NBA type games. For ''illegal screening action" my NF level radar is geared to look for: 1) hip bump movement outside of the normal area by the Screener as the guard is attempting to move around the screen and 2) slight foot shuffle movement by the Screener so that their body is being placed into path of guarding player as they are attempting to negotiate the Screen (i.e., not being stationary). Since both of these type of actions seem to be allowable in the NBA games, I am therefore clueless as to exactly what constitutes illegal screening action at the NBA level.

*Now regarding the charge on Wig, I would also call that in my NF games. However, I was happy to see that they rescinded the call for charge when Lebron tried to take a charge. Small wonder that at the NF level we can't "change our minds" on such calls like they do in NBA [not sure about NCAA if they can change a charge call tho]. We NF level refs really have to be "right the first time" when making such adjudications.

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