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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
I only gave a few examples because I didn't want to spend an entire post listing out all of the possible jump ball rules. My point was that a jump ball would make possessions valuable and not random the way that the alternating possession arrow or giving the ball to the defense does. Thee are also situations with uncertain possession that cannot be resolved by giving the ball to the defense (e.g. shot lodged between the rim and backboard) because there is no team in control, and hence no defense. A jump ball will be able to resolve those situations.
Just want to point out that the AP is not the least bit random. It is entirely deterministic. You know what the next one will be and the one after that and so on. For that matter, giving the ball to the defense isn't at all random either when there is a defense. Actually having a jump ball is the one that is largely random.
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