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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
IAABO Make The Call Video

Was this correctly ruled a held ball? Did the officials allow the players enough time to secure possession or was the held ball ruled at the appropriate time? Did the official use the proper signal to indicate a held ball?

Two choices: The ruling of a held ball is correct. The ruling is incorrect (more time is needed to make a proper judgment)

My comment: The ruling of a held ball is correct. Time has no impact on calling a held ball. A held ball occurs when opponents have their hands so firmly on the ball that control cannot be obtained without undue roughness. Both the Lead and Trail gave an incorrect held ball signal, forgetting to first stop the clock with an open hand.
Agree with the held-ball call.

Since there's not a mask in sight, and since both officials signaled "held ball" (#3) without the "stop clock" signal (#2), this video probably predates the signal change that started in the the 2019-20 season.
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