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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
In my forty years of officiating basketball, I've worked, one, and only one NCAA game, a women's junior college game assigned by my local high school assigner.

While I don't pay real close attention to NCAA rules, I don't ignore them completely either, especially when discussed here on the Forum. Three reasons for me to be, at least, aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences. Prep school teams here in Connecticut use an odd hybrid version of NFHS/NCAA rules (shot clock, and a few other differences). Being aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences can help in a debate with a confused and bewildered high school coach that doesn't know NFHS/NCAA rule differences. And finally, being aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences increases the chances of me winning bar bets on basketball rules at my local gin joint.

For those who donít officiate at the NCAA level, I would think that the best reason to be aware of recent NCAA rule changes is that the NFHS often follows suit. So watching a few tourney games on tv can provide one a preview of what is possibly coming to the HS level. My opinion is that the NFHS will adopt this defensive deflection change to the backcourt rule.
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