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I'm interested in how this will be ruled on in terms of movement close to the time of the snap. We usually have a meeting with an official's representative to our league in June, but with Covid-19 I don't know when that'll be arranged this year. So I'll throw out some situations here.

(1) Player A1 on the line and in the FBZ at the snap, feints with body movement (but not a step) to draw B1 (also on the line) to the inside, then steps to the outside to crab B1. Usually contact is just at the waist, but this time is clearly below it, and is in the FBZ with at least parts of their bodies in the neutral zone.

(2) B1 on the line in the FBZ and in the neutral zone bear crawls into the neutral zone at the snap, and then comes to a stop with part of his body still in the neutral zone. A1, also on the line and in the FBZ but some distance away laterally, pulls close to the neutral zone. He encounters B1 as the latter lingers in that position. A1 trips over B1.

(3) A1 and B1 face each other in 2-point stance on the line in the FBZ at the snap. Each player hesitates for a second "getting off", remaining in their stance without moving. After that delay, one or the other player immediately drops to make contact below the waist with the other.
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