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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Is this an illegal screen or a foul on the defense? Observe the action on this play and make a determination if the screen in the middle of the lane is legal (Blue 11) or if the defender pushes through the screen (White 3). Could this be ruled a double foul with both actions being illegal?

Five choices: This is an illegal screen (Blue 11). This is a defensive foul on White 3 (pushing through the screen). This is a double foul. This is incidental contact (play on). This is an illegal screen followed by a dead ball contact technical foul.

My comment: This is a double foul. Blue #11 illegally moves to his left while setting a screen against a moving opponent and illegal blocking contact occurs. At approximately the same time White #3 pushes and "blows" through the screen.


I have a Blocking Foul by B11 for an Illegal Screen and also award him 5 Razzies for over acting afer the contact between him and W3.

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