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IAABO Survey Says

Disclaimer: For IAABO eyes only. Below is not a NFHS interpretation, it's only an IAABO International interpretation which obviously doesn't mean a hill of beans to most members of this Forum.

IAABO International Play Commentary: Correct Answer: This is a defensive foul on White 3 (pushing through the screen)

Blue #11 attempts to set a screen in the high post area on White #3 when contact ensues between them. Does Blue #11 violate screening principles? Blue #11 is moving to his left when attempting to obtain a screening position. Because the screener was moving to a new position, the legality of the screen is based on whether or not he gave the opponent (White #3) the appropriate time and distance to avoid the contact. (4-40-2b,2c) Does White #3 violate the contact rules? It is not legal to use hands and arms to force his/her way through a screen to maintain a guarding position relative to his/her opponent. (4-24-4)

25% of respondents ruled each player violated the contact rules at approximately at the same time and therefore would charge a double personal foul on this play.

If the initial contact on the screener results from the defender’s momentum pushing through the screen, there is rules support to only rule a blocking foul on the screener. When screeners fail to give proper time and distance to moving opponents, they often are displaced as a result of the contact. (27% of respondents viewed this to be a blocking foul on the screener Blue #15)

If Blue #15 gave enough time and distance to the opponent to avoid the contact and the defender decided to push through the screen, the correct ruling would be a foul on the player being screened. (This was the leading response, with 40% of respondents ruling the screen to be legal and only charging a foul to the defender White #3.)

Here is the breakdown of the IAABO members that commented on the video: This is a defensive foul on White 3 (pushing through the screen) 41%; This is an illegal screen (Blue 11) 26%; This is a double foul 25% (including me); This is incidental contact (play on) 4%; This is an illegal screen followed by a dead ball contact technical foul 4%.
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