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Consistency ...

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
I do not want to get rid of the jump ball. We do it once and it is fairer to start the game ...
Agree on fairness if all officials could consistently toss the ball properly, if all officials knew all the permutations of all the complex jump ball rules (before the toss, after the toss, after the tip, jumpers, nonjumpers on the circle, non jumpers off the circle, not just the most egregious violations (ball touched on the way up, ball touched three times by jumper, ball caught by jumper) and adjudicated such properly and consistently, if all officials knew all the rules governing designated jumpers (vestigial rules poorly replaced by the NFHS going back to the origin of the alternating possession arrow), and if all officials did everything above well in just a split second of what some have described as a microburst of mayhem to start each and every game (often by just two officials, one who is just trying to keep all his teeth and get out of the way to not get elbowed by one of the jumpers).

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
We just need to get better at it ...
Agree. Been waiting for this since 1985 when the NFHS adopted the alternating possession arrow.

That's thirty-five years. Let's not hold our breath until that happens.
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