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The legality of this play under NFHS rules depends upon whether or not a defender dislodged the ball. If a defensive player knocked the ball out of the offensive player’s hands he may catch it in midair and return to the floor without penalty. However, if the ball simply slips from his grasp after he has become airborne, he may not regain control in the air and return to the floor as that is a traveling violation ... The old NFHS ruling of a travel can be found in this forum’s past Interps archive.
SITUATION 1: Al is an airborne shooter preparing to release the ball on a shot attempt. Instead of releasing the ball on the try, Al fumbles the ball (while still in the air) and drops it. Al then returns to the floor and secures possession of the ball. RULING: Traveling violation. While airborne the bail must be released for a try or pass. (4—43-3a; 94)
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