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Originally Posted by youngump View Post
For it to be a player control foul, the defenders have to be disadvantaged. It's hard to see much disadvantage if after the contact they are standing up and the offensive player is on the ground. Don't turn what should be a no-call into an offensive foul just because the offense is responsible for what in this description sounds like incidental contact.
*On the contrary youngump, I'm not saying it's a Charge foul; it the most recent edition of the NF Casebook that is saying it's a Charge. Go read the case play. What the focus of this series of posts is on is simply notating the tendency to mis-call this type of action due to either not being in proper position, not knowing that this is a "charging foul", and/or not having the temerity to call this type of action appropriately as per the NF Casebook.

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