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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I've never reported a "tripping" foul, it's always been a "block".

IAABO doesn't have a signal for a trip. I don't believe that the NFHS has a trip signal either.
*I've observed many NF officials to use non-NF signals and terminology all the time; however, everybody knows what they mean ( e.g., fist-to-hip to signify a block instead of the NF sign, or snapping a fist to chop in the clock instead the NF sign, or extending two closed fists at the score table to signify a full time out instead of the NF sign, or...I could go on and on) but rather than semantics, the main point is still: Bearing that the Principle under inspection of the case play is a "charge" not a "block/trip/occlusion"; therefore, will your (our collective) self-awareness of a tendency to miss-call this play enable you (us) to nail it in the future or continue to miss-call it?
IMHO it will take a combo of getting in exceptionally good position, cognitive alertness, and temerity in order to satisfactorily improve.

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