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Be Safe ...

I've made the following suggestions to my local board:

1) Encourage the use of electronic whistles, since we'll all be masked there probably isn’t a need for whistle pouches, bags, or shields.
2) Come to the gym dressed in uniform, suspend the business casual rule, many schools will not be making locker rooms available to officials.
3) Game jackets should not be worn, jackets that would usually be taken off and handled by table personnel.
4) No getting to the gym early, or staying late, to observe previous, or subsequent games (possible exception for Observation and Mobility Committee).
5) Partner pregame conference on the court, not in the locker room, six feet apart, halftime conference also on the court, many schools will not be making locker rooms available to officials.

I was disappointed that, unlike other states, rule changes were not approved such that officials would never handle the ball (free throws, throwins, we will have jump balls), and that the pregame captains/coaches meeting wasn’t completely eliminated (we're going with only the referee, the head coach, and only one captain), but that was probably outside the scope of our local board, or the state board, and more of a CIAC decision.
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