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Not Being Available To Rebound ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
... deep "dumpster diving" into the rulebook and casebook to get my mind clear regarding high school resumption of play procedures because I haven't given it much thought lately. Regarding free throws, it is my belief that there are two different ways to address the situation of a player (shooter) not making one's self available for a free throw (in the semicircle) ...
Let's change it up to the non-shooting team players not being available (after a timeout or intermission), not refusing (like the casebook play), just not being available because they're still dilly-dallying in their team huddles.

What happens next? Give the ball to the shooter and give a delayed violation signal? Then what happens (make or miss)? Team technical foul?

2018-19 Casebook Revisions 8.1.4b SITUATION B: A1 is fouled and is at the free-throw line. Team B refuses to occupy the first marked lane spaces. RULING: A technical foul shall be charged to Team B for unsporting conduct. The lane shall be cleared and A1 shall be given the warranted free throws. Team A’s coach will then designate who will shoot the free throws for the technical foul. The technical foul free throws will be shot. The ball will then be administered at the division line to Team A. (10-4-5)
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