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I Know, I'm A Bad Boy ...

I was thinking it, didn't want to post it, but did anyhow.

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
... illegally dribbles (feet not moving) a second time ...
Reminds me of the "academic" debate we've had many times here on the Forum about whether to call an illegal (double) dribble immediately as the ball is released from the ball handler's hand for a subsequent (illegal) dribble (by definition of starting a dribble); or to wait until the ball hits the floor, bounces, and is touched again by the ball handler (maybe the act was the start of a bounce pass).

Rule language and interpretation language comes in lots of different flavors. Some like vanilla. Some like chocolate. Some like strawberry.

It all depends on what flavor is preferred in Rome (where one is assigned games and works).

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