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Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
If a replay would not be "legally allowed," please cite a rule barring a 5-second replay in these highly unusual circumstances.

I am not saying the five seconds should be replayed, but I am not convinced that it could not be done. I'm completely ignorant about NCAA in general and Sun Belt rules in particular; the closest HS rule I can think of is 5-4-3, if the situation would be treated as a protest: "The NFHS Basketball Rules Committee does not recognize protests."

So my question ("why not") remains, not to be argumentative, but to get a reasonable answer. My last contribution to this thread.
Yes, it "could be" done -- but, it sets a very bad precedent. Hey -- s*** happens -- that's part of sports. Next time, don't be down by 2 points with 5 seconds to play.
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