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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
The rulebook tells us that a free throw shooter must get an unhindered try and must not be distracted by an opponent.

I've always said that it's difficult to defend my interpretation due to a lack of definition for "opponent". However, I can defend it with purpose and intent.

Likewise, without a definition, it's also difficult for JRutledge to defend his position of not calling a delayed violation on such a situation.

I do agree with JRutledge that unsporting technical fouls are rule based and may be appropriate, but only if the first last split second startling distraction and air ball is immediately followed by the charging of an unsporting technical foul and two free throws and the ball.

Here's where I disagree with both JRutledge and Stat-Man: To allow such unsporting activity with just a, "Knock it off. Don't do it again", is not an appropriate penalty for a missed free throw due to such unsporting activity. Certainly not in the last seconds of a very close game.
I am of the opinion that the term opponent includes all members of the opposing team. That includes the head coach, any assistant coaches, all rostered substitutes, team managers, and trainers. Basically, anyone who is sitting in the team bench area is part of that team and the team will be penalized if such an individual infringes the rules.

I would call a violation for bench personnel yelling at an opposing FT shooter.
I can also understand a technical foul when such behavior is repeated or grossly unsportsmanlike.

Upon what basis do I believe that? The manner in which the numerous and frequent appearances of the terms opponent and opposing are used throughout the NFHS rules book.
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