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Another Fine Mess ...

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
... you are connected to someone that has rules, why don't you get their clarification (and I am not talking about some IAABO mess) ...
My connections are strictly IAABO related. Regarding this situation, I was actually considering contacting the "Gang Of Four", our IAABO International committee of interpreters, but decided that it would only apply to a small number of Forum members who are associated with IAABO so I didn't bother. My interpretation follows an ancient ruling from our state interpreter but again, that's also IAABO related.

While I 100% understand that IAABO and the NFHS are not the same, not even in the same league, regarding rule interpretations, "mess" is a strong word. We did have an IAABO International interpreter step out of his lane and jump the gun on a controversial rule interpretation regarding boxing out the free throw shooter a few years ago (turned out he was correct, he was just a year early), but he has retired. Calling a very professional organization like IAABO a "mess", while true in the sense that it doesn't mean a hill of beans to many, many basketball officials, is really an overstatement. The NFHS and IAABO usually work very closely and professionally together (except for the box out controversy a few years ago).
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