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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
1. I can see the dribbler's arm raised but is was "within his cylinder" when he came to a pull up motion stopping motion; however, I did not observe any 'extension' of said arm into the torso of defender. Couple these observations with the embellishment/faking of the defender being thrown off balance faking action--in summary I have 'nothing' here. Given the seniority and experience level of the writers on this forum I would hasten to say that all of you have seen this type of play in your officiating history. Play on players!

2. I can understand the chagrin of folks who want to see a PC here, but I have nothing here at the high school level of reffing a game--albeit NCAA and NBA may interps may yield a varying adjudication.
I don't want to see anything. I just look at video and describe what I see. I have an offensive foul in my high school and NCAA games, and have made this call at both levels.
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