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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post

JRut must have been thinking the same thing because he already clipped it.

I did not see the travel in real time. At first I thought we were talking about the passer. Only after looking at it four times did I start to wonder about the shooter. I am certain I would have missed this call, too. Just way too hard at that speed to say with certainty that the dribble ended before or after that foot left the ground. I mean, think of the ramifications if that gets called and then you turn out to be wrong!

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There was no dribble involved. It's a catch by a player on the move.

That said, I know for certain while viewing this video that it is a travel, but I can't say whether or not I would have picked this up if I'm one of those officials running down the court in the last 3 seconds of a tied ball game.

Sometimes a missed called is understandable, this is one of those situations.
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