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Alternating Possession Throwin ...

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
The blue team has the arrow to start the second quarter. A1 from the blue team is the thrower. And as a team A2 sets a called illegal screen on B2 before the throw-in is touched by any player inbounds. Consider everything you would have to consider after the foul was called.
6-4-5: If either team fouls during an alternating possession throw-in, it does not cause the throw-in team to lose the possession arrow.

6-4-4: The direction of the possession arrow is reversed immediately after an alternating-possession throw-in ends. An alternating-possession throw-in ends when the throw-in ends as in 4-42-5.

4-42-5: The throw-in ends when:
a. The passed ball touches or is touched by another player inbounds.
b. The passed ball touches or is touched by another player out-of-bounds, except as in 7-5-7.
c. The throw-in team commits a throw-in violation.

4-19-7: A team-control foul is a common foul committed by a member of the team that has team control or by a member of the throw-in team from the start of the throw-in until player control is obtained inbounds

Rule 10 Penalties Summary
1. No free throws:
b. For a player-control or team-control foul.

7-4-5: The ball is awarded out of bounds after: A player-control or team-control foul, as in 7-5-4a.

7-5-4-A: Designated out-of-bounds spot throw-in nearest the foul: after a team-control foul, as in 4-19-7; any player of the offended team must make the throw-in.

6-1-2-B: The ball becomes live when: On a throw-in, it is at the disposal of the thrower.
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