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Originally Posted by chapmaja View Post
What about this one.

R1 on first, B2 hits a hard grounder to F6 who is shaded up the middle. R1 knows she will clearly be out, as F6 will reach the bag when R1 is about halfway to 2nd. Knowing this, R1 steps out of the base path towards the middle of the infield. F6's throw is such that it hits R1.

The throw (1) would have or (2) would not have pulled F3 off the base, as she attempted to catch the throw?

R1 is attempting to avoid interfering with the throw, and a somewhat errant throw from F6 to F3 hit R1.
I'm having a hard time envisioning your play. Did F6 actually step on second base? If so, how the heck does her throw to F3 hit the retired R1 who steps towards the middle of the infield? That would be a horribly bad throw.

But if F6 didn't go to second base, and she throws the ball directly to first from where she fielded it, then R1 deviating into the path of the throw can be easily judged as a runner intentionally interfering with a thrown ball. At that point, R1 is still a runner, and not a retired runner, so interference with a thrown ball requires intent. And if she deviated towards the middle of the infield instead of running directly to second, then it's going to look intentional.
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