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Wrong, Unnoticed For At Least Twenty Years ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Here's how the caseplay read back in the 2016-17 NFHS Casebook:

9.12 SITUATION B: On the second of two free-throw attempts by A1, the ball is touched outside the cylinder by A2. RULING: No points can be scored. A2’s actions are ruled a violation. B will be given the ball for a throw-in on the sideline at the free-throw line extended. (9-1 Penalty 1)


The throwin spot (on the sideline at the free-throw line extended) is from ancient times, way, way back before 2016-17, back when in all cases where the ball enters the basket illegally due to basket interference or goaltending (field goal or free throw), after an offensive free throw violation, or after a player control foul (charge), the ball was given to the offended team on the sideline at the free-throw line extended, as a "signal" to the the scorekeeper that the basket didn't count. I think that it was put in play on the lead's sideline in the "Cadillac postilion" (to the right side of the free thrower).
I'll say it again.


I unsuccessfully tried to find when the "sideline at the free-throw line extended" after balls illegally entering the basket changed to the present rule (closest spot of violation) with no success. Couldn't find it in the the NFHS Basketball Handbook, and my oldest rulebook only goes back to 1996-97 (I wish that I had kept my first fifteen rulebooks).

(Hey Mark T. DeNucci, Sr., how about a little help here?)

That means that 2016-17 9.12 SITUATION B "throw-in on the sideline at the free-throw line extended" was wrong, and went unnoticed for at least twenty years, that's at least two decades.


Stupid NFHS.

They must have really great water in the NFHS office water cooler.

Or maybe they have really great snacks the office vending machine?

Coffee in the break room?
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