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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
Note that case 9.12A is a similar play, except B commits the GT and the ruling calls it a "delayed lane violation."
9.12 SITUATION A: On the first free throw by A1 in a bonus situation: B1 leaps above the lane and touches the ball but it falls in the basket anyway. RULING: Delayed lane violation on B1; the ball is still live. The goaltending violation causes an immediate dead ball and an automatic point for A1; B1 is assessed a technical foul. A1 is awarded the bonus free throw. Following the free throws for the technical foul, it is A’s ball for a division line throw-in opposite the table. (4-22; 6-7-9; 10-3-9)

I also find 9.12 SITUATION A slightly confusing (though not as confusing as 9.12 SITUATION B).

The NFHS can't seem to make up its mind in 9.12 SITUATION A (The NFHS went completely bonkers in 9.12 SITUATION B, especially in the 2016-17 version).

Is it an "immediate dead ball" on the goaltend touch, or is it "still live"?

Also, why would there be a "delayed lane violation"?

What exactly is the lane violation in the situation?

I don't see one. I only see the goaltend touch, which is not a lane violation, but a goaltending violation and a technical foul.

Since when do we delay a goaltending (or basket interference) violation call to see if the ball goes in, or not (as we do for defensive lane violations on free throws)?

Stupid NFHS.

Do the NFHS editors actually get paid to come to work every day, and if so, what do they actually do there, stand around the water cooler all day?

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