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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post

9.12 SITUATION B: On the second of two free-throw attempts by A1, the ball is touched outside the cylinder by A2. RULING: No points can be scored. A2s actions are ruled a violation. B will be given the ball for a throw-in from the designated out of bounds spot nearest the violation. (9-1 Penalty 1)[/I]

In 9.12 SITUATION B would A2 also be charged with a technical foul in a high school game? And shouldn't Team B be given the ball for a throwin at the division line opposite the table in a high school game?

Sounds to me like this should be is a technical foul on A2 for offensive goaltending during a free throw.

Is this yet another poor editing job by the NFHS?
Hint: When does the ball become dead when A commits a FT violation? Can a you "goaltend" a dead ball?
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