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"Frankly, I even feel that when a runner does that, she IS intent on hindering F4's throw to first."

That is exactly my point - The rule does not call for intentional, but you deem it as such and thus call it.

Likewise, if the retired BR "trots across the diamond to go into her dugout on the third-base side while F8 throws home to make a play on the tagging runner" - the only way Im calling that is IF I think he / she was there intentionally AND interfered.

Step further, BR obviously realizes the potential to interfere so she purposely runs faster to the 3b side of field and the "bad" throw hits her. No way is that interference.

No we are into judging whether throw are "good" or not.

One still has to interfere for there to be interference. Being hit by a thrown ball cannot be deemed interference in itself.
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