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Odd penalty sequence question

Heard about this from a friend. Don't know if its true, but am I correct in how it should have been handled by the officials.

Last 30 seconds of the game. Team A has the ball A49 yard line. 3rd and 20 (holding penalty on a previous play, plus a couple incompletions). During the play, A63 commits a holding penalty, while A82 commits a personal fould facemask. As the QB scrambles, he crosses the LOS by a couple yards before throwing a pass (from B48 yard line) which is complete deep into Team B territory, (illegal forward pass penalty is called). After the play, A88 taunts an opponent. When he is flagged for taunting he rips his helmet off and throws it to the bench as he walks off the field. B80 then taunts A88 as he is being walked off the field.

My understanding of this situation is we have three live ball fouls. Holding on A63, PF Facemask on A82, and an illegal forward pass. The defense has the option of which of these penalties to accept (they chose the IFP, with its loss of down). After those penalties are enforced, the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are accessed against A88, which results in his disqualifiation from the game. B80 is also accessed an unsportsmanlike and is disqualified (state rules, taunting equals disqualification). The officials then mark off the penalty yardage (5 yards?) from the sport of the IFP, plus 15 yards for the unsportsmanlike conduct which was not offset. Thus following this mess we should have 4th down and forever at A's 32 yard line correct?

My friend told me the officials ruled everything offset on the play and they replayed the down from the A49 yard line. He didn't think it was right, and I'm sure he is correct, but I'm not positive my penalties are right.

This was a JV game last fall between two schools who have a history of bad blood between them and questionable ethics within their coaching staffs.

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