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Making A List, Checking It Twice ...

Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
Maybe this is the offseason where NFHS gets rid of 1-and-1 and goes to the NCAA-W rule?
Maybe not exactly the same as NCAAW, but there were four questions on the 2020 NFHS Basketball Rules Questionnaire about team fouls in periods (quarters):

About the rules for 2020-21, would you favor:
9. Resetting team fouls to zero at the end of each quarter, eliminating one-and-one situations and awarding two free throws for the fifth and all subsequent team fouls in a quarter.
13. Beginning with a team’s eighth foul in each quarter, awarding two free throws whether or not the first free throw is successful.
14. At the end of each quarter, with the exception of any subsequent overtime period, zeroing out the team foul count.
15. Resetting the fouls after each quarter. Beginning with the sixth team foul, teams would shoot two free throws, and fouls would reset after each quarter to zero.
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