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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
In an official NFHS educational video, the videos chosen should match the official NFHS mechanic (for all free throws, the position of the lead official should be approximately four feet from the nearer lane line and well off the end line).

To bucky's point, when in Rome ... Do what's expected in your local area by those who will be evaluating you and assigning you games.

Also, back in ancient times, before we kicked the players out of that first lane space, some officials were still standing on the lane line, not out of bounds where God intended officials to stand.

As a counterpoint to bucky:

Lead, They Didnít Vacate that Lower Lane Space for You to Stand In
Not looking to start an argument but...

The tips are nice but I do not feel what they indicate actually happens, at least not to me, and not to officials who have been taught repeatedly where not to look during FTs.

In fact, standing in that first spot negates jawing between players, allows for seeing closer the body language of players, speeds the game in reducing time for official to gather ball, negates the closest players from getting the ball (never understood why players do that) and saves the official a few steps on the knees/hips.

I felt that the first video was merely incidental contact. Players got tangled and feet slipped from under player, nothing more.

Anyway, it is probably better to just do it as written. Sigh.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?
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